It's time for another whole-house declutter

I don't remember a summer flying by as fast as this one has. It'll be back to school time for the local kids here in just two weeks.

Every couple of years or so I like to go through the whole house and see what we can get rid of. I've just started another whole-house declutter, and am looking forward to thinning out more stuff.

Here's what I've found to get rid of this time around so far:
-camp fire-sized frying pan
-electric pencil sharpener that just chews up my expensive colored pencils
-hardcover book and an old art journal I don't want anymore
-1 serving spoon, 2 small ladles
-2 hardcover books, 1 large softcover book
-stack of priority mailers left over from old Ebay business (returned to mail man
-advertising magnet, greeting card, folder of handmade Snuggles patterns (I just measure and cut now without a paper pattern)
-small plastic bag of flower photos cut out of catalogs (used to use in art and craft projects, but don't want them anymore)
-dried up bottle of White Out
-1 coiled magazine paper bowl

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  1. looks like you got rid of quite a lot! I haven't done a whole-house clean out in a while. Things tend to get crazy during sailing season. Once the fall comes I will need to empty out too! Good to see you posting again.


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