Fall--time for more decluttering (especially craft supplies)

The weather has FINALLY cooled off here, so I feel energized and ready to downsize our stuff even more than it already is.

Here's some of what's going out the door today:

-roll of kraft paper, 2 rolls of cello gift basket wrap, 4 new photo albums (I don't keep photos in albums these days), 6 t-shirts that aren't comfortable to wear, 2 serving spoons and a ladle, and several old catalogs (tossed into recycling).

I've also come to the point of saying that I'm pretty much done with crafting. I still create art, but most crafting just isn't something I want to deal with anymore. I don't want to store the supplies for it; I don't want to get it all out to make something, then have to put it all away again, and most of all, I have no urge to sit here making useless/frivolous items, such as things made out of clay, etc.

Earlier this month I decluttered all my old salt dough books from the 70s and 80s.

Today I got rid of all my embroidery hoops; my clay working tools; 2 plastic bags full of paper beads; a bunch of old ribbon; findings for making necklaces and earrings--I even tossed out a small box full of miniature animals I had made out of polymer clay years ago.

I'm keeping my drawing and painting supplies because I still use those.

I condensed things down from two boxes to one, and everything in the box is now listed on a piece of paper on the box lid so I can find what I'm looking for easily.

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